Help with RISE and 'optional' content (I think)

Hi All, 

I am creating a module in RISE and halfway through I want to give the learner choice as to which module they complete (storyline). The idea is they have a couple of sections to complete first, then a specific storyline module relevant to their role and then come back and complete a few more components in RISE. They only have to complete one of the 3 optional modules. So has anyone has any luck with this type of navigation and working around having to complete all materials?? Does that even make sense...

Thanks Steven

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Steven,

The way I would tackle this is to have a Storyline course that contains a menu as the first slide, with options for each of the three role-dependent modules. Each module is then set up in its own individual scene and the user is sent to the module that is appropriate to the menu selection that they make. On completion, they would automatically exit the course.

If you then publish the Storyline course to Articulate Review and incorporate it into your Rise course as a Storyline block, the user would work through the initial part of the course, complete the Storyline module and then automatically return to the remaining "Rise" blocks to complete the course.

Hope that helps.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Steven,

There's nothing wrong with using Rise for the bulk of your course. It's generally intuitive and can give great results. Where it doesn't quite do what you want it to, you simply resort to options such as Storyline and then incorporate that into your Rise course.

Like you, I started with Storyline and now tend to use Rise wherever possible, with Storyline blocks as and when required. I am currently working on a project where I am offering my client a choice of the Storyline look or the Rise look for exactly the same content. The final decision will be up to them, but they will both do the job.