Help with Rise jumping down the page when loading

Hi! I have a Rise unit that is acting weird when you load the page. I've tried various browsers, as well as PC and Mac, so it's not one of those issues. 

When you load the page, it jumps down to a specific place and then jumps again, rather than just loading at the top. Here is a preview link to see what I mean:

Have I inadvertently added a bookmark or something? I would love some help! Students will be using this soon. :) They shouldn't have to scroll up to begin. 

Thanks for any advice!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pamela!

It looks like the lesson is jumping directly to the Body Cavities Storyline block. When you published that slide to Review 360, did you publish using Flash first or Flash only?

Try adding a continue button above the Storyline block. The continue button will prevent the Storyline block from displaying until the user clicks to Continue after viewing the blocks above.

Let me know if that helps you!

Pamela Hill

It's doing it again with another course. The first 2 activities are regular matching activities. The third one is a Storyline block. If you load the page and wait or even just begin working on the matching activity, it jumps down to display the Storyline block. I can't seem to figure out why.

I don't want to insert a "continue" button for an already very short page. Any thoughts?? :)

I even rearranged it and put the Storyline block on top and it still jumps a little. So weird!



Crystal Horn

Hi Pamela. The Storyline block has text entry fields that seem to grab the focus from the rest of the lesson content. So that I can try to reproduce this behavior for us to explore, would you be able to share your Storyline project file? It will be the .story file before publishing.

In the meantime, does this behavior change if you publish the Storyline interaction with HTML5-only? Also, do you have any slide layers in the Storyline interaction with the property "prevent users from clicking on the base layer?"