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Katie Riggio

Hey, Julie!

It sounds like you're looking to have the sidebar menu of a Rise course hidden but still accessible, is that correct? If so, here's a quick Peek on how to have the course sidebar initially closed while giving your learners the ability to open it as needed. More on Sidebar Visibility here!

If that's not quite right, please let me know! Additionally, could you tell me more about what you're hoping to achieve by temporarily hiding the sections? With a few more details, I can recommend a workaround or alternative solution.

Excited to hear your thoughts!

Liz Benton

It would be great to know if there were a way to hide a section as it appears in the menu and on the home page because it's really only there for branching purposes.

Example - I have one "lesson" on goals that has buttons that navigate the learner to each of the goals's expanded info pages, which are the lessons I want to hide from view, since I don't want the learner to ever navigate there if not from the button in the primary goals lesson.

The attached image shows what I mean, the arrow points to the sections I never want listed here but need to be in their own separate lessons. Is that possible?

Stephanie Rogers

Any update on this? I'd also be interested in this feature. I created a course and would like to hide the "Final Quiz" until the last 2 weeks of the course, but it doesn't appear that I can do that. 

I'm also wondering if this is a current feature or something being developed. Which would help with the hiding issue. Release conditions. Being able to select dates to release content would be great.