Home Button?

New Rise user here. I came across the below example and would like to incorporate the "Home" button at the top of the lesson into my own project. How is this accomplished?


Also, is there an option for cleanly ending the course that doesn't require LMS? Maybe even link back to the beginning of the course showing the completed statuses. 

Thanks in advance!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Nikki,

The home button is created by default in RiseĀ 360, you don't have to do anything to add it. It allows you to return to the home page when you're in the first lesson of your course.

Have you thought about simply ending with a message like, "Thanks for taking the time to take this course! You've reached the end and can close it whenever you're ready."

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Arathi Chhetri

Hi Allison, 

Is there a way that we can link to the home button from absolutely anywhere in the course? If we're designing a course that allows for freedom of choice where lesson order is concerned, you need to scroll to the top of a lesson to find the hamburger button appear again. If a lesson is long, that's a huge scroll upward. Instead, if you get to the end of the lesson, if you could click on a 'Home' button and go back to the index to pick your next lesson, it would be a lot easier. I tried adding a button, but the Home page doesn't show up in the lesson list to link to. Any ideas?