Horizontal Scrolling

Apr 07, 2021

I know this has been asked for at least 8-years within Storyline, as well as recently with Rise 360, 
But is there any update on horizontal scrolling as an option to vertical scrolling?  With the number of requests, the years that it has been requested, it seems like "maybe" it is in the works?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bill!

Rise 360 lessons are set up similarly to web pages, where content is read from top to bottom. On a web page, you scroll down to view more content.

While we don't have plans to add a horizontal scrolling option in lessons, have you checked out the Process block type? That one is set up with horizontal navigation between each step. 

Bill Yetman

Thanks for the quick response. 
To counter the logic on a web page, people read books horizontally.

I understand the logic - however, with top-down scrolling nearly ubiquitous, isn't it germane to instructional design to drive engagement from disruption from norms - rather than blending in with norms?

I also appreciate the process block suggestion - however, the step 1, step 2, ... block titles which are not editable - make using the block process for anything but - a sequential process - unusable.

Does that make sense?

Renz Sevilla

Hi Bill! Thanks for your feedback! We're currently tracking requests for the ability to remove the Step and Numbers from the Process block to be of a better use for horizontal navigation.

For now, if you'd like to use a horizontal carousel for text-based items, you can also use a Carousel block or use a Storyline Block in Rise 360 for this. If we make any changes that help with horizontal navigation, we'll let you know!