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I really enjoy using Rise and would like a to have a section of horizontal scrolling slides instead of vertical, to break up the flow. I find Rise limiting in that respect (especially since I usually work in SL & it pretty much allows me to do anything). The only one I can find is a process and it says "Step 1", " Step 2" etc. Is there another option or a way to delete the "Step #"? 

Also is there a way to enable auto-scroll (so the user doesn't have to keep hitting "next"? 

Thank you-


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ronnela,

I don't believe there is a way to make Process slides scroll automatically, however it is possible to edit the "Step #" text at the top of each slide.

If you go to the Settings section in your Process block you will find an option to Enter a Step Label. If you do nothing to this, it will default to "Step #" at the top of each slide, but if you enter your own text, it will replace the word "Step". Unfortunately, I don't think you can remove the number, however that is used in the page menu along the bottom of your Process slides and enables you to jump to a particular slide, if you wish to do so. If you enter a single space as your label, you will simply have a number at the top of each slide, which you may be happy with.

Ned Whiteley

I may be wrong, but I don't believe that it is possible.

Personally, I don't think that's a bad thing as, if the slides scrolled through automatically, it would be too quick for some users and too slow for others. Interactivity with a training program, however small, helps to keep people engaged, which is extremely important if you want them to learn anything from the experience.