Horrible quality when uploading images

I don't understand why the quality of images I upload is so bad in Rise. They look fine in browser, but when I upload (and Rise compresses/crunches them) they get fuzzy, pixly and unprofessional. 

I upload i png, have also tried jpg - with much worse results. Any ideas? Attached an image showing what I see in Rise v. local browser. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Annilee!

Does the image appear washed out while authoring the course, or while viewing it as a learner?

Since Internet Explorer isn't a supported browser for authoring courses, you'll want to stick with using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. 

Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing in Edge compared to other browsers?

Samantha Heighes

Thanks Alyssa, I contacted support.

It is a range of issues and we never know which one will or won't be degraded in quality.

I was told _NOPROCESS_ is the only workaround, I was hoping there would be a more permanent solution (maybe even a toggle that allows no process to be applied to all images in a course) rather than needing to manually select and rename the images that were poor quality.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Charlotte! Thanks for your question. The _NOPROCESS_ workaround is for Rise 360 only, so it won't work in Storyline 360.

Would you mind sharing your .story file and the Review 360 link with our team? We'd like to compare how the images appear in the file to how they appear in Review 360. You can share those assets privately by opening a case here. 

Renz Sevilla

Hi D du Bois,

if you're using a labeled graphic with a small image, in which case, Rise will scale the image up to at least 760 px wide so it will blur. If you try to use _noprocess_ for that, it won’t work.

I can suggest clearing your browser cache, then save the file as a different name + the _noprocess_

Please let me know if that worked for you!

Torque Solutions

Hi there Renz,

Thank you - after I sent this I discovered the live chat feature on the support page and Hazel managed to get me sorted.

Looks like the _NOPROCESS_ tag needs to be duplicated at times for it to work, in case anyone else is struggling with this:


I really hope the dev team can get this sorted out soon.

Windesheim Flevoland

Is there an update to this problem, because the _NOPROCESS_ trick still works, but there's still some weird anti-aliasing going on without the workaround of my PNGs. Find attached a screen grab of one with the _NOPROCESS_ tag and one without side-by-side literally in the same editor.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Windesheim Flevoland. 

Adding _NOPROCESS_ to the file name of your images will keep the image exactly as you saved it. What you're seeing on the right in your screenshot is your image file after Rise 360 compression. When you run into an image that loses quality as a result of that compression, using _NOPROCESS_ in the file name is the fix.

I don't have an update about other ways to opt out of image compression for your images at this time. We'll let you know if that changes.