Host Rise project on SharePoint (company Intranet)

I'm new here (but have Storyline experience from years ago) and have just started using Rise as a alternative to dull PPT presentations. We'd like to host our finished projects on our Intranet (SharePoint). My developer changed the index and goodbye file extensions to HTML and added the exported Rise project folder to a site assets library in SharePoint. The project runs fine.

Q1: Is there anything in the Rise project that would have to make a call back to the Articulate servers?

Q2: Rise went down for a some time yesterday. Does this impact just development or viewing of any projects on the end-user's side?

Q2: If our Rise project on the Articulate servers is accidentally deleted, could we rename our index and goodbye files back to .asp and import them back into Rise?



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Alyssa Gomez

Excellent questions, Niki. I'm happy to help answer them.

  1. Because you published the Rise 360 course and hosted the output file on a server, it will not make a call back to the Articulate server. 
  2. When Rise 360 was unavailable for a short period yesterday, users could not author courses. The outage had no impact on published courses hosted on an external server.
  3. If you accidentally delete a course from your Rise 360 dashboard, it moves to the Deleted Courses container in the sidebar. To restore a deleted course, hover over the course tile, click the ellipsis that appears, and choose Remove from trash. There isn't a way to upload a published output file back into Rise 360. 

Let me know if you have other questions!