How can I track both course completion and quiz result ?


I was wondering if it's possible to report these 2 values to the LMS :

  • the course completion (% displayed in the course + complete/incomplete)
  • the quiz result (% + passed/failed)

My understanding is that scorm 2004 allows that but I can't figure out how to achieve it. 

I was surprised that on the export page, Rise requires us to choose between tracking the completion and the quiz result, even in scorm 2004. Am I missing something ?
I'm testing Rise exports in Scorm Cloud.

Thanks !

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philippe, 

Great question! Rise will only report and track on one of those items (the same is true of Storyline and Presenter)

I haven't seen examples of multi-SCOs in Rise yet, as we've seen in Storyline and Presenter - but hopefully if someone in the community has set this up they'll be able to share here! 

If you'd like to see more tracking options in Rise, I'd love to hear a bit more detail! Feel free to share here or in a Feature request here!

Elena Tagliati

Hi, I am also interested in this option of tracking both course completion and quiz results in Rise: I would like that learner PASS EITHER if they go through the whole course OR if they take the test (they can skip the course and take directly the test).

Shall I submit it as a feature request?


Philip Siwinski

Thanks Alyssa, I was able to get the same result as your screenshot but the Completion is set to complete when the quiz has been answered, even if the rest of the course was not visited yet.

We would appreciate being able to see incomplete + passed/failed with score when the course has not yet been visited entirely but the quiz has been answered.