How can we leverage Storyline characters directly in Rise? They are coming out too low res when downloaded. URGENT

Hello all,

We have several scenarios in our Rise course and would like to use Storyline characters directly in Rise. When we download the characters as pictures from Storyline 360 or Studio 360 they are too low res to be usable in Rise. Is there another way to download those character images or transfer them into Rise? We are on a very tight deadline and would appreciate quick help. Thank you so much!

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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Ellen!

While Content Library characters aren't integrated with Rise at this time, check out this post by community member Jose to find out how others are making it work. The key is to make the character very large in Storyline before saving it as a picture so that you're working with a higher resolution image. 

Let me know how it goes!

Tom Kuhlmann

All of the graphics in this demo were built in PowerPoint. They use the Content Library characters.

I'd do this (assuming you have PowerPoint):

  • Install Studio 360
  • Open PPT and you'll see the Articulate tab and inside the tab you'll have access to all of the characters.
  • You can set your slide size any size you want. Generally 10 inches comes out to about 980 pixels. It doesn't need to be 16x9 or 4x3. The slide could be 10 inches high X 5 inches wide so it's tall and skinny.
  • Insert the characters on the slide.
  • Size it, crop it, do whatever you need. Fill the slide.
  • Save the PPT file as an image (PNG) and select the single slide.
Steve Flowers

Save as PNG gets you a little more precision and control. You can also copy and paste directly from Storyline into Powerpoint. It will come into PPT scaled to fit the slide. However, if you scaled it up in Storyline, you will get the detail you are aiming for when scaling it up in Powerpoint.