How do I customize or eliminate the Bye page with the hand waving?

When deploying in our LMS, once the SCORM component is complete, it shows the Bye page with the hand waving, but we would like to have quizzing in the LMS or something after that. How can I edit that page that says bye or eliminate it so when I click exit course, it just exits the SCORM file and goes to the next segment in the LMS?

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Karl Muller

The " bye" page is not used in all cases, for example, our LMS does not use it.

As far as I know, where a LMS uses this page, it cannot be eliminated.

The wording of the bye page is determined by the label set attached to the course.

You can change the icon, and change "bye" to a different word. I think the limit is 25 characters, so not much to work with. 

What happens after a student completes a SCORM component is really up to you and the capabilities of your LMS. The learning sequence and what comes next s is a LMS issue, not a RIse issue. Typically in a LMS, when a learner completes a course, they will go back to the place in the LMS where they selected the course.

In our LMS we assign courses/SCORM components to each student, and everything they need to complete appears on their personal LMS menu.

So when a course is completed, they return to their courses menu, and the next course/quiz is ready for them to take.