How steal-able is Rise content?

Nov 28, 2017

I love Rise and am working on getting my team on the 360 suite.

One question my management has is "How easy would it be for someone to come in and just copy all the content in a Rise module?"

Our modules are published on a secure LMS, so the question is really more about the reassembly mess a theivin' person would have on their hands to start a Rise module, hit ctrl-A and copy all the text/images, then reassemble them into something legible. I've attached my own quick n dirty version of doing this to one of my test modules. 

I personally have no questions about Rise security. I have reviewed the Articulate Trust page, I've checked videos for the download button in Chrome, and I completely understand that when someone is motivated to steal content they can select any of many ways to do it. However, I do need to answer this question. Your input is greatly appreciated. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi R.  You raise a valid question; your hard work is valuable.

While it is incredibly intuitive to build a Rise course, it wouldn't be easy to simply do a general copy of all the Rise content and load it into a new course.  If somebody wanted to copy text and media from your Rise course, they would still have to insert each piece individually into their own course.

The only way you can effortlessly duplicate a course is from the Rise dashboard, signed in with your Articulate ID.

Let me know if you have any other questions!  Happy to help.

Joe Mefford

A couple years ago I found that someone in China had taken a course I'd created in an LMS and reassembled the entire thing as an Android app for a mobile phone. They did a horrible job but it was still all my content. It even had my picture. :) I notified Google and they took it down after too many emails back and forth. Whoever did it had to have put in a lot of work and ended up getting very little. But there is always that risk.

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