How to match text across blocks in Rise

Dec 18, 2017

I'm having trouble matching text across blocks in Rise.

Problem 1: It seems like the text in some blocks are set to be header text, while the text in other blocks is set to be body. And I can't figure out how to change that.

Problem 2: There seem to be characteristics associated with the text in each block that are not user-modifiable. As a result, even if I set font color and font size to be the same, the line spacing may still be off between blocks.

So, I'm looking to either confirm this limitation or to better understand the workaround if the limitation is avoidable.


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Aaron Soffin

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry for the slow reply. I thought I would get a notification if there was a response so I missed this. 

Right now, in short, I am looking at juxtaposing a text block and a button block. I'd like the text in the text block and the text in the button block to feel like they are part of the same idea. But because of the different font weights, and the different indenting of the text, it really causes a separation between the two. I could write my content with that separation in mind, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

You might ask why I'm not just putting all the text into the button block. Well, it's a lot of text, and the button hovers awkwardly at the mid-point of the block, so that doesn't look great. If I could have a button block with the button at the bottom, that could work, but that's not one of the options. If I could have a button block with no text and the button centered, that would work, but that's not one of the options. So that's what led me to this question of matching the text between blocks.

And while this is one specific example, it feels relevant throughout the Rise design, where I may want to match text style between blocks.

Thanks for your help!


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Aaron,

I see what you're saying. The 'Text' block uses body font, and the 'Button Stack' block uses heading font. Unless you're using the same fonts for both heading and body text, the font styles will be noticeably different. 

For now, those styles are set by default, but I can definitely understand the need for greater customization. I'll pass your thoughts along to my team on your behalf.

We always appreciate hearing your thoughts on how we can make Rise even better, so keep the ideas coming!

Aaron Soffin

Thanks Alyssa. I actually run into this problem even when the same font is set for heading and body because the properties for the heading and body are noticeable different. While it would be great to have full control over font weight, line spacing etc., just being able to toggle between body and heading for all text across RISE would make a huge difference.

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