How to open and edit rise scorm

Oct 04, 2018

I have a zipped Rise scorm file and want to edit it on Rise.

How to open the file on Rise?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Gatr! 

It looks like you have a trial to Articulate 360, is that right?

If so, you'll want to make edits in the original Rise course on, as there isn't a way to edit the published output file.

If you aren't the original owner, you can contact the person who created the course and ask them to send a copy to you

Theresa Stowers

Hi Karl,

The person left last year.

Can you please advise what my next step would be?

Also I have other colleagues in my team who use Rise to create learning in our organisation.
To avoid this from happening if someone who created learning in Rise leaves, what would they need to do before they leave.

Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Theresa! We added features to help you manage your content when users leave your team. Have a look at this article to find out what your options are.

We keep content on our servers for six months after a user's trial or subscription is no longer active. You can open a case with us if your colleague left within the last 6 months, and we'll investigate if we can restore the content.

Let me know if I can help further!

Jasmin Stewart
Theresa Stowers

Hi I need to edit a Rise scorm file which I did not create and the person who did has left our organisation I do have a license for Articulat 360.  How do would I access the Rise file to edit content. 

Hi I also have the same problem and the employee left within the 6 months - If anyone has any suggestions on how I can access this myself that would be really helpful.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Jasmin. The content will stay with that employee's Articulate ID (email). If you can internally reactivate and access their email and add them to your team again, you can access their content. You can either:

Feel free to get 1:1 help from us by clicking here!

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