how to play a few chords as intro and then my voice in Rise 360?

Aug 15, 2019

I am loving working with Rise 360 to build an eModule!!

I want to get fancy, play two or three chords at the start and end of my speaking parts. How do I do this? 

Here is an example from Articulate

However, I do NOT want music throughout, it is too distracting. I prefer to use using the same two or three chords of free sound at the start and end. How can I record this?


Francisco in Toronto, Canada. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Francisco! Are you going to add a video to one of your lessons, similar to the one you linked to? If so, you can use Replay 360 to add a second track of audio and publish it as a single .mp4 to use in Rise 360.

If you're thinking of just audio, you can use audio editing software to add some intro music to your recorded narration. Once you have a complete audio file, add it to a lesson using an audio block.

Does anyone in the community have a favorite audio software, or audio tips and tricks?

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