How to Publish my first Rise block

Jul 09, 2022

I just created my first Rise block: a labeled graphic. My intent is to use this single labeled graphic in a Confluence wiki page, but I need some direction. I created the block as a Lesson because that's the only option I saw, but I see no option for saving the block, publishing it, or how to embed it in the page I want. For that matter, I've kept my lesson tab open because I don't even know how to navigate to it. Where is this lesson/block saved? Can someone please help me with these questions?

Thank you!


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Karl Muller

Hi Leslie,

Here is how Rise resources are structured.

At the highest level there is a course.

At the next level you can create either Lessons or Quizzes.

Lessons consists of one or more blocks. This is where your labeled graphic block resides.

Quizzes consists of one or more questions.

Regarding publishing, you have only one option, namely to publish the entire course. You cannot publish and embed just the labelled graphic block.

So the smallest entity that you can publish is one course, that consists of one Lesson, that has one block.

Leslie Steele

Thank you, Karl. That's helpful. I still don't see, however, any publishing options. My screen shows Lesson 1 of 1, and there's an Edit button in the upper right corner, but I don't see anything about publishing.

Also, where are my Rise lessons saved? That is, if I close that tab, how do I get back to it? Is there a library of my lessons or courses somewhere, and if so, how do I access them?

Karl Muller

Hi Leslie,

Rise courses are saved in the Cloud.

I access my Rise course by using 

This is what I see:

The course you are working on should appear here. Select it to edit it.

You should then see all the Lessons that you have created.

To publish your course, choose EXPORT in the top right-hand corner

You would probably need to choose the Web publishing option.

Then select EXPORT in the right hand corner. This will produce a ZIP file that contains your entire course.

Leslie Steele

I seem to have screwed something up. I didn't see the Settings, Share, Review, Export options at the top of my screen that your screenshot showed; I only saw Publish--so I clicked that. I didn't get publishing options, and I didn't see where it "went" from there. I don't see any zipped file, and I still don't see how to embed the labeled graphic into my Confluence page.

Can someone please help me? The marketing content said that Rise was easier to use than Storyline, but that certainly hasn't been the case so far. I had a much easier time producing Storyline content than I've had trying to understand and work with Rise.

Thank you again,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leslie! I had a look at your account, and it looks like you're using (not Rise 360). The support team is available via chat and email to help you navigate Rise and author your course. Simply email, or click the orange chat button at the bottom-right corner of your Create tab. Please reach out anytime!