How to tell publishing tool?

We are working on the preparing our catalog of web-based training to meet the Flash plugin end-of-life. We have a catalog of several thousand classes that have been published by many different tools and versions of those tools -- and a lot of Articulate tools!

Because there are so many zip packages and we don't always know who or when they were published, we are trying to use the information in the zip package itself to figure out which tool and which version were used to create the package.

For example, Adobe Captivate packages have a file called metadata.xml and in that file we can find a publisher "vcard" node with the product and version.

In Storyline 2, 3, and 360 there is a file called meta.xml and there is an application node with name and version attributes.

Those things cover the majority of our packages, but I can't figure out if a package was created by Articulate Rise. Unlike the other Articulate products don't have a meta.xml and instead have the metadata.xml file. But that file doesn't include any information that I can find about the publisher.

So is there a way, given a random zip package, to tell if it was published by Rise?



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R Rothrock

Thank you for the tip. The problem is I'm trying to do this with javascript. I think the "Rise" package someone on our team provided to me wasn't actually from Rise. Since then, I've got looked at several others that I know are Rise. In the imsmanifest.xml file there is a node <organizations default="articulate_rise"> that seems like a pretty good tip-off. Do you know if I can count on that being there?

Also are there versions of Rise? I'm not seeing that info anywhere -- not in the manifest nor in the metadata file.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi R,

Yes, you can count on there being mentions of Rise in the .xml files, and hopefully, they're all as easy for you to find! 

You won't see different versions listed, as although Rise is updated on a regular basis, anytime you visit and work within you'll be the latest version. If you'd like to see more details on the versions, take a look at the Rise Version history.