How to try out xAPI tracking with Rise ?

Hi everyone,

I wish to create a simple demo of a xAPI tracking with a Rise course. Basically I wish to see what a learner has "experienced" in a course.

My attempts were not very successful so far.

TalentLMS xAPI statements display Ids, not names (Good Learner experienced index.html#/list/cj48ou09z00083e690k91bbvn/preview)

Scorm Cloud throws communication errors with the LRS.

Do I have to explicitly specify a LRS in a Rise output file ?

Thanks a lot

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Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Crystal,

The xAPI Statements reported by Storyline and Rise 360 are very different. 

Some things in xAPI statements generated by Rise 360 are not correct. Like the object id for each answer of the same question is different. Rise 360 adds the timestamp in the object id. Does't make sure, and it effects reporting. 

Rise 360 also doesn't report activities other than quiz and completion.

For GrassBlade users we have been able to find a workaround to find % progress of users, based on bookmarks, but that works only when the modules are taken in order. 

(from GrassBlade) 

Crystal Horn

Hello, Pankaj! There are differences with the data that is sent with quiz questions, and we're looking at the impact of timestamps in Rise 360. However, Storyline output doesn't have any capability for reporting that Rise doesn't also have. Like Rise 360, Storyline 360 xAPI output reports on success, completion, and quiz details.

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Crystal,

Apart from what I mentioned earlier (timestamps in ID). 

1. The Rise 360 doesn't send parent or grouping id as well. So, it's impossible to reliably know what quiz the answers are related to. 

2. Storyline has experienced statements for the slides, but Rise 360 doesn't send any statements related to the modules. So, no way to know where the user is in the course, or what modules they have done. 

I guess there might be more, but these are off the top of my head. 

Even though there are a lot of xAPI reporting issues, the UI of the content is amazing and we love it and recommend using it.  

(from GrassBlade)