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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica,

Rise updates in real-time, so anything you delete is removed right away. Deleted courses appear in the folder named as such (similar to your Recycle/Trash bin on your computer), but individual lessons aren't stored there. 

One idea to prevent this in the future is creating a duplicate of your course before you begin editing. That way you can always go back and pull or copy content from the duplicate. 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Joana! No news yet on this feature. Sorry, we're not able to recover deleted lessons as edits update in real-time.

As Ashley suggested, one way to prevent this in the future is to create duplicates of your courses before editing the original course. If we have any news for you about updates to the Undo button or reverting to a previous version of the course, I'll update you all here on this thread.

Patrick Smith

Personally, I'm using a trial version to evaluate for our decision-makers, and I have no idea how I can suggest using a product that only gives you a few seconds to realize you made a mistake.  I accidentally deleted a lesson and had to redo about 30 minutes of work just reorganizing.  There has to be a better way, like having a holding area that keeps deleted items for 24 hours.

Alyssa Gomez
Hi everyone! We've improved the visibility and functionality of the undo notification that appears when you delete blocks and lessons.

The new undo notification appears for 12 seconds with a timer indicator. If you need longer than 12 seconds, hover your mouse over the notification to pause the timer. You'll also see multiple notifications when more than one block is deleted.

Let us know if you have any questions about this enhancement!
Susan CS

I accidentally deleted a block of text when I was trying to delete the heading. I tried Ctrl Z which didn't work. By the time I googled how to undelete, the 12 second undo notification was gone. The back button didn't work either. Ugh this is very disappointing. The sooner there is a better fix the better! 

I've read Rise support materials, tutorials and watched some webinars and I've never seen the Undo notification mentioned. At the very least, that could be included in all training and support as one of the first things a new person should learn.