I need help understanding something as I am new

I have not used Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 very much. I want to learn it better as I am going to need to use it more and more. I  am in the process of updating two online courses. One is only a PDF and the other is content and I am unsure how to upload the PDF and to upload the content? I need to put everything on Rise. Please if you could explain to me the process so I will be able to meet my deadline of EOD tomorrow. Thanks for all you help.

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Phil Mayor

You need to access the course on Rise if you did not develop the course you will need the owner to send you a copy. When in Rise access the button where the pdf is linked and change the file linked to your new file, the publish your updated course and you will get a zip file.

You will need access to Articulate 360 to do this.