Icon appears on a Rise 360 interactive block that was imported from Storyline 360 when tested by our colleagues for feedback

Good day,


The screenshot attached hereto has reference.


We built this interaction in Storyline 360 and imported it into Rise 360.


The exclamation mark on the top left of the page is a hotspot and was intended to be there. The icon with the hand and upward arrow does not appear on our side (the Collaborators). 

However, when we share the module with one of our colleagues she reported that this icon appears when she starts the interaction.


She uses Google Chrome, as well as we do, so there shouldn’t be a difference if we follow the same link.

We need to go live with this module as a matter of urgency and as such would appreciate any assistance you can provide us in removing the icon.



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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for including the screenshot, Ruan! I would expect to see that "drag up" icon on a mobile device, but it's strange that the icon is appearing on a desktop computer.

We'd love to get a closer look at this. Would you mind sending the Share link to our team? If that works for you, you can send it privately by clicking here.