Iframe Not Loading/Too Long to Respond in Course


Whenever I embed an iframe into my course I get a blank box or "too long to respond".  

I'm trying to upload a Storyline simulation I've made and exported to HTML which is now up on a server. My end goal is having the simulation clickable and so on right in the Rise course. 

Is this possible? 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi John,

Everything looks great with your iFrame code, but it's the link itself that's causing the problem. 

Rise is a secure environment, so you'll want to use "https" in your embed code. However, if you try to open your link with "https", nothing happens. It does open correctly with "http". 

My hunch is the website that supports your content doesn't support "https", and that's why it's not working when it's embedded in Rise. 

I hope that helps clear things up, and let me know if you have any further questions!

Gilles Demers

Hello! In a rise course, hosted on a server, I iFramed another web object (Storyline hosted on the same server). It works fine on a desktop computer or a phone, but on a tablet, the web object loads but never displays. I had the same problem a few months ago with an embedded URL (would work on desktop and phone, but couldn't scroll the page when using a tablet). Any idea what could cause the problem?  

I know I could add a Storyline directly with the Rise options, but I really need the storyline object to be Iframed as a web URL, because later in the course, I need the learner, through another iFrame of the same object, to start were they left. This wouldn't work otherwise. 

Here's the link to the problematic content : https://www.tests.francais-affaires.planethoster.world/content/index.html#/

Here's the iFrame code : <iframe src="https://www.storyline.francais-affaires.planethoster.world/story_html5.html" height="800" width="1000"></iframe>

The size infos are just the result of various tests.

I also attach the original files (content.zip being the Rise course) 

Thanks for your help.

Gilles Demers

I tried with a more recent tablet and it works. The first one I used was an "old" I-pad with MAC OS 9.35. I used Safari. Now with an I-pad Air 2, with OS 11.4.1, it works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Is there any minimal requirements for the better Rise experience possible that I could give the learners?