Image in image block has shrunk

Hi, I am currently developing a Rise module, earlier this afternoon I inserted an image block and it all displayed ok. When I went in to check the page tonight the image has drastically shrunk in size! The format of the image is SVG, I have never had an issue with this file format before. Please see attached screen dump.

cheers Gerry

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Gerry McAteer

Thanks for the update Crystal, I am also experiencing with the SVG images any gradients or drop shadows are stripped when they are imported into Rise. I am using Adobe Illustrator to create the image and the gradients and drop shadows are being saved ok when exported as SVG and I can see them when I preview them outside of Rise with a image viewer. cheers Gerry

Crystal Horn

Sure thing Gerry.

The Illustrator svg images we tried worked on our end. Here are the settings we used when saving the image:

And here's a quick look at an example course that uses the image. We also tested exporting the course, and it worked there too. If you'd like, you can share your file with us to start troubleshooting!

Gerry McAteer

Many thanks for the additional help Crystal it has been very useful. I have since discovered that I had created the original graphics in PowerPoint and saved these as .SVG and then I had edited them in Illustrator. I found that the font style from the PPT SVGs were not being retained when I was viewing these in Rise via my IOS device so I had to bring them into Illustrator and reapply the original fonts and then save the file as SVG with the fonts converted as outlines. It's a bit trial and error but I think I will need to just use Illustrator to create all my SVG graphics in future. Thanks again Crystal :)