Image in RISE-module do not zoom in Adobe's Captivate Prime


An image in a RISE-module, can be zoomed with the finger-pinch--zoom gesture when viewed as web content in, for instance, Chrome on an iPhone.

When the same RISE-module is exported as lms/SCORM 1.2, and thereafter used to create a course in Captivate Prime, the finger-pinch--zoom gesture do not work (regardless of setting for "Zoom on Click" in RISE) in the CaptivatePrime-app on an iPhone.

Anyone know if this is an issue with the RISE-export as lsm or if this is something Adobe needs to address (we will contact Adobe also)?

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Göran Hjälm

I have asked on Adobe's forum whether the "reverse pinch to zoom in"-gesture is supported in CaptivatePrime-app. Will post back here when I know more.

When viewing this specific RISE-module (LMS), as content in the course inside Captivate Prime, but logging in on the Internet and viewing inside Chrome, pinch to zoom works great. The issue is therefor specific to the smartphone apps.

Göran Hjälm

Hi again Alyssa!

I had a mail-thread with Adobe and today I got the answer that pinch-to-zoom is supported in their Captivate app, as long as the authoring tool that was used to create content support that feature (when exporting a module in the specific format, such as SCORM 1.2, etc).

I therefor looked at a colleagues Storyline-module (exported as LMS/SCORM 1.2) and how it behaved when viewing inside the Adobe Captivate Prime app on an iPhone, and there pinch-to-zoom worked great. 

There is no setting, as I have seen, in RISE 360 that enables/disables pinch-to-zoom when exporting in the LMS-format.

This suggests that pinch-to-zoom is something that should be set by Articulate in the background somewhere? Since it works for content exported from Storyline and as well as content created from RISE, but exported as web, or?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Göran. 

I published a sample Rise 360 course for SCORM 1.2 and hosted the output on SCORM Cloud (an LMS testing tool). Here's a screen recording of how reverse pinch-to zoom works in Chrome for iPhone. This video shows that the reverse pinch-to-zoom gesture is supported for LMS output.

Please open this SCORM Cloud link in Chrome for iPhone, and let me know if you are also able to use the reverse pinch-to-zoom gesture as I did in the video above. 

Göran Hjälm

Thanks Alyssa for taking the time to create the demo content in your link. Supercool!

Yes, pinch-zoom works great for the content in your link in my iPhone and Samsung phones.

So it works when exporting the Rise-module as lms/scorm and viewed at Scorm Cloud using a web browser. As it does whith my Rise-module exported in the web-format and viewed in a web browser.

I wonder why pinch-zoom does not work with my Rise-module, when viewed in the Articulate Prime app; an app that obviously is not a web browser. Storyline works, but not Rise. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Göran. 

Perhaps you can reach out to Adobe to share that reverse pinch-to-zoom gesture is supported in Rise 360 content for LMS output, and you can offer my screen recording or the SCORM Cloud link as an example.

If the gesture works for Rise 360 LMS output in a mobile browser, then that suggests the issue is related to the Captivate Prime app with Rise 360 content. 

Articulate supports Rise 360 output in these mobile web browsers, but we do not support how the output behaves in a third-party app.