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I can't find any guidance on suggested image sizes for any of the 'image blocks'. As a result, I'm getting some poor quality outputs. I've tried a number of different sizes, JPEGs and PNGs, but it appears Rise might be compressing things once they're uploaded?

Take the full-width image for example. I've created a PNG at 1680 x 945 which is really sharp and looks great on my PC (file size of 106kb). Once I put this in Rise, I'm getting artifacts appearing all over the image, and the quality is significantly lower. Take a look at the screenshots attached:

Capture.jpg = the high quality original png
Capture2.jpg = the reduced quality png appearing in Rise

Any advice for working with images in Rise?

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Ramona Jones


Is there a way to turn off image compression in Rise?  I am using Snagit, which captures the screen resolution. So, all of my screenshots look fuzzy when I upload them into Rise. I've tried increasing the DPI in Snagit, but it is a pain and doesn't always work. 

Also, can you add the functionality to enable users to be able to move our uploaded pictures and adjust them in the quotes? Especially in Quote C. Having a preview window to position the image in the circle would be great.  I have a character image with her hands out in a "why?" position. It cuts out her hands no matter how small I make the image. And, the smaller I make the image, the fuzzier it gets. HELP!!!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ramona.  Thanks for sharing your experience.  Here's a little more information about how we prepare high quality images for web delivery.  If you'd like to share one of the original image files you're using, I'm happy to have a look and make sure we're treating it properly!

As for quotes, thanks for sharing your idea about the preview/position window to fit your image. In the meantime, if the picture just isn't lining up the way you'd like in the quote circle, would any of the image blocks (text on image, or image and text) suffice?  I'd love to help you get moving forward!

Ramona Jones

Thank you for your response. For the quote, I managed to crop it to get it to fit.
I just submitted another issue today about images that I hope you can help with.

I am having similar issues with images uploaded in Rise. I switched to capturing screens in 600 DPI because regular 96 DPI images look fuzzy in the Rise course. It seems that the compression should only work when the file size needs to be smaller. Also, even when I increase the resolution, images in the Labeled Graphic, Image & text, Sorting Activity, Flashcard stack, and Flashcard grid are fuzzy or pixelated.

I also noted, as someone else discovered here, that TIFF files (.tif) work better because that file format maintains the image resolution and higher file size than JPEG or PNG. However, I cannot upload a .tif file into the Labeled Graphic although I can upload it in other places.

I get a message, ! Please verify the file is an image and try again.

How soon can these issues be fixed? Images are key parts of my training and need to be crisp.

Thank you.

Crystal Horn

Hey Ramona!  Thanks for the reply and for sharing what worked.  I see your other post, so I'll answer you in this discussion about the image quality.

Just a heads up that when you reply by email, your contact information is included in the discussion.  You can edit it out here if you'd like!