Image Zoom in Rise

Aug 31, 2020

Why, when clicking on certain images in Rise does the click to zoom not actually zoom.  I have images that, when clicked, do not zoom.  All that happens when I click one of those images is the table of contents on the left is closed, the image is centered on the page, but the image is no larger than before clicking.  How do I get these images to enlarge when clicked?


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Karl Muller

HI Alan,

Rise has predefined areas that are used to display images.

If the original image is larger than the image display area, the image will be resized dynamically and displayed smaller to make it fit within the predefined boundaries.

When zooming in, Rise actually just displays the original (larger) image. It's not really a zoom function at all.

If the original image you upload is smaller than the predefined image display area (or the same size), it will stay at that size when "zoomed in" as zoom cannot display an image larger than it's original size.

If zoom is not "working", you need to create a larger version of the image with a greater width and height.

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