Images appearing 'noisy'

I'm encountering some inconsistencies when uploading png images into Rise.  The source images consist of screenshots with text overlays created in Photoshop.  When importing into Rise, the text overlay becomes fuzzy and the colors do not stay true.  Since the source files are clean, what is causing that to happen?  Is there a specific way to output pngs to prevent that from happening?  We've tried different things to no avail. :-(

I've attached a png file as well as a screenshot of the png within the Rise preview.  Any help is appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lynn.  Thanks for sharing your original image file.  I saw the same behavior on my end when uploading that image to a Rise course.

I'm sharing your .png file with my team so we can figure out what's happening in Rise to deviate from the original quality of your image.  I'll let you know here when we have some more information to share!

Cass Netzley

I'm seeing something similar with our cover banners; Rise when processing the source PNG adds some artifacts/blooming around line based imagery. I've attached the source banner. The issue shows itself significantly on 24"+ monitors or 1440p+ displays (retina). 

I've attached our source file for banners (Input.png) and what we're seeing when the cover is uploaded to Rise/displayed (Output.png) -- this is a screenshot, not that actual image saved out from Rise.

Katie Riggio

Appreciate your help, Lynn! ⭐️

I took a peek at the report where the .png samples provided here were shared with our team. It looks like our team should be all set with those helpful examples, but we'll certainly reach out if they need more.

I'm really sorry for any headaches – and since you've commented, you're automatically subscribed to this discussion where we can update you on this issue's progress. Thanks again!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Thomas. Thanks for reaching out!

No ETA on a solution as of yet, but I promise we'll keep everyone in this discussion posted on any new information. Here's an inside look at how we tackle bugs once they're reported! 

We're also happy to take a look at an image file or Rise course! Simply copy and paste the project's Share URL with us here. We'll see what you see and share our findings! 🔎