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Tonya Weathers

Had the same issue and the Support Rep sent me this: 

"Ask your network admin to open port 443 and whitelist the domains in the following article for your Articulate 360 apps to work properly." 


Not sure if it works yet. Still waiting for my IT team to get back to me. 


We now have a new issue on Google Chrome...

Made a change, the page updated. Went to click the square tile in the top left of the window and received that popup. There are no nodes blocked, I am working from home. Have good internet speed and no other browser windows open, just that one course. Sigh... 

Kennet Fagerstrand

Thanks for the follow-up. I just received feedback from my third colleague who also has the same problem. Browser and computer restart did not help. We are all using Google Chrome. I'll describe how I experience the issue so that we can find a fix quickly:

The problem is inconsistent, I would say it happens 90% of the time. It looks like it happens more when replacing the stock image, and more rarely when adding a completely new one (for example in three image grid).

After I have clicked replace, chosen an image from my computer and started the upload, the progress bar shows no progress, and the page does not load or anything. One thing that does happen, is that the cursor loading icon appears now and then for a few seconds. So it seems like it is trying to do something but fails. After waiting a long while to make sure it is not due to upload time, I click replace once more, and select the same image and click upload. Then the image uploads and loads in a matter of a couple of seconds. 

Also, I noticed that if I select a different picture the second time, it actually uploads the first picture I selected. So it would seem like it actually uploads, without displaying, and then the second upload forces the action.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Morganne, Nancy and Joy!

We have cases for you as well, but I wanted to provide an update that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is seeing some intermittent problems which may be contributing to some users unable to upload images to Rise 360. We're working hard to confirm if that's the case. Here's the AWS status page:


We will update you once we have more information!