Import a file from my PC to Rise Articulate

Hi, in my company we are using Rise but we need to be safe with our files so we want to create backups in our system. For that, we want to download the courses in LMS (or another format) and then be able to upload them or import them later. That is because some new members may change or delete some sections/ slides/ lessons. Is that possible?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christos, 

It sounds like you'd like to see a feature where you could export a copy of the Rise source so that you have a backup copy stored locally versus in the set up?  I'll pass your feature request to our product team! 

If the safety of content is a concern, I also wanted to point you towards our Trust Center so that you can read more about how we protect your data and content. 

Antony Hakim

Hello Ashley,

Has there been any progress made on this request? I have also submitted a feature request for this functionality.

I'd like to be able to export my courses from Rise to save them locally on my computer in case of any server issues. Then be able to import the courses back into Rise in their original editable format. I understand my courses/data are protected but it's nearly impossible to guarantee there won't be any issues with the cloud.

Being able to export/import courses back into Rise would give me much more peace of mind. Thanks for your time.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Antony,

Thanks for checking in on this feature! 

I know some users were looking to export to save a copy for compliance reasons, and our team implemented a feature to allow you to print to PDF to accommodate that.

Exported content is designed to be in a viewable format, so it doesn't include pieces that you could edit or reimport into Rise, but if that changes, I'll keep you posted. 

If you have any questions about our security or backup protocol, the Trust Center includes a lot of detail, and you can also connect with our Security team by emailing

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elise! It sounds like you're ready to import your translated XLIFF file!

Open your duplicate course again. Click Settings in the upper right corner, go to the Translations tab, and click Import Translated Text. Select your translated XLIFF file and click Open. A message displays when your text is successfully imported.

If you run into any trouble, I'm here to help!