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Alyssa Gomez

Hi again!

Yes, you'll be able to embed Storyline content (including quizzes) in Rise, but the Storyline specific quiz score and question data will not be reported. On the other hand, you can build the quizzes directly in Rise, and the quiz data can be tracked in a learning management system (LMS).

Are you planning to use a LMS? 

Cody Cooper

Totally tagging in here...  I am also designing Storyline-generated quiz content to embed in my Rise course, that will eventually be hosted on our LMS for tracking purposes. Alyssa clearly states above that scoring and question data will not be reported from the Storyline content - can you share if there will be future enhancements to allow for this?  It sounds like the only other option is to use the Rise quiz feature - does this feature support quiz design beyond a standard multiple choice or True/False scenario?  Looking to design options such as Drag/Drop free-form, Drag/Drop matchup, multiple response, hot spot clicks, etc.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cody!  We're always adding new features, and Rise is no exception.  Currently, you can choose from 4 different question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Matching

We also have some tighter integration with Storyline on the roadmap for Rise, including using Storyline blocks to track completion in Rise.  Check out what's coming soon here!

Media Innowijs

Hi Janis,

It's now possible to insert a storyline scorm if you first publish it on Articulate360. When you go to Rise and go to your Blocks, then Interactive, scroll down and select Storyline. You'll see the scorm appear.
If you export or publish Rise then you'll get the option to track the storyline or your Rise module.

Hope this will make it clearer.

Kind regards, Nurdianna

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janis,

If you need to use external content such as previously published SCORM Courses in Rise, have you looked at embedding it or linking to it in a new window?

Rise is designed to have content from Storyline directly pulled in from Review - so if you're able to track down those source files and update with Storyline 360 that'd be my best suggestion.