Importing a storyline block into rise...

Hey, I am trying to insert a storyline block into rise and it seems to be really big and have a lot of white space and padding. I have made padding all to 0 and have tried changing the storyline size in both rise and storyline but it just has the same issue.


Image attached...


Any help is appreciated, thanks :) 

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Latifa Aziz

Hi, will Rise be having an update to improve on this HUGE top and bottom padding issues? It's default is still a huge chunk at the top and bottom, even with padding size set to 0. people are asking why's there such a huge gap between this (storyline) section and the next section.. Can someone please help update the default setting to REALLY be 0px padding. I've tried blending the top and bottom blocks with this storyline block by make 'em all white and have all the necessary padding set to 0, but it's still a very obvious ugly gap.. i don't want to set my storyline setting to medium/full width, it'll look so tacky.. =(

Latifa Aziz

Hi Alyssa, as mentioned, i've already made the padding settings 0px.. I hope Articulate's future will update will assign true 0px paddings for every blocks, 'cause every block's forced paddings is very inconsistent now. Every blocks have different padding heights we're forced to make do with - you can tell after you've set each blocks top+bottom padding settings to 0px.

It'll be great if we can set the preferred padding heights ourselves. It looks unprofessional when each blocks have inconsistent spacing amongst each other. Below i'd set each blocks settings to 0px top, 0px bottom to show the different forced blocks paddings we have to make do with:

inconsistent blocks forced paddings