In-Text Definition Pop Up

Hello! This is more of a feature request.

While developing some courses over the last few months, I've been noting some areas in my text where it would be helpful if I was able to insert a definition if a user hovered over, or clicked on a word. Attached is a bit of an example from an image I just nabbed from Google.



Edit - I did find the link to request a feature and have submitted this as such, thanks.

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Hey Elizabeth! Thanks so much for the reply! Yes I love the graphic blocks, however, while I could inset a graphic block of text, and have it pop up over the word, there are sections of text where it would look visually awkward and break the text flow if I did insert a graphic. I do appreciate that suggestion however. :)


Resource Developer

That would be so incredibly amazing! I am creating anatomy and physiology learning using technical terms within a sentence. As learning progress, I need to use more than one technical word in a sentence (within text). For example, "The rectus abdominus muscles are located between the ribs and the pubic bone anterior to the pelvis." I would need them to hover over 'rectus abdominus' and 'anterior' for definitions as these are used in other places within the course several times. Much appreciated!