Including files in SCORM course as required reading

Greetings, fellow Articulaters! I have been some exploring on my own, mentioning this to internal colleagues, and also browsing various threads online. I only become more uncertain if it's possible to accomplish two requirements using Rise (or if not, then Storyline 360) ... and if so, how?

  1. I need to include these files within the SCORM course content itself, so that LMS users can download the entire course and use it offline if necessary or desired ... thus linking out to files on the web won't work.
  2. Make files a required part of the course content without which completion will not be achieved ... not just optional reading on the Resources tab or elsewhere in the LMS interface.

There are 19 vidoe-recorded classes in all, with a number of files (Word and PowerPoint, although I may come across PDF's and other stuff eventually) each with many pages/slides related to all of those class es... so I really don't want to attempt converting them to some other format. Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Michael, you've got some great questions! Let's tackle them one at a time.

  1. Did you know you can add file attachments in your Rise course using the Attachments Block? Check out Adam's tutorial video right here! 

    And since you asked how you can make the course available for offline viewing, just download a Rise course as a web package, extract the zip file, then give your learners access to the index.html file. Be sure to include a note that offline viewing is supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. And yes, learners can access the attachments in your course offline!


  2. One way you can require your learners to open and read the attachment is to include a knowledge check question and a Continue button after the attachment. Here's an example! Notice that you can't move on in the course until you answer the question and click continue.

I hope that helps to spark a few ideas--let me know if you have other questions!