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Tom Kuhlmann

In both Rise and Storyline you can use the embed option (embed blocks, web objects). Seems you could add the badge issuance on a page that gets pulled in. And you can control how they get to the page to collect the badge.

I'm sure some of the programmer types in the community can offer more sophisticated options using JavaScript or other code to make the process more elegant.

Tom Kuhlmann

It all starts with creating and issuing badges. Ultimately, you have to learn (or have someone build the process to issue the badge). Once you have that process in place, you can look at options to integrate with the course.

You can learn more about that here. I'd connect with the openbadges community and see if someone can help.  Once you have an earn badge submit page, that can be inserted using the embed/web object option.

Gail Chambers

I guess my question is do I need to put Rise project in an LMS to achieve can this be done within Rise? I don't believe there are restrictions or the ability to enable a restriction(s) to complete a course/activity within Rise. A user would need to complete the course not just click/view then have a link to a badge/badging site.

Thoughts on that...?

Phil Mayor

Using any type of open badging will require the user to login to store in their backpack or other repository. I can see badger have an API which could be used, I think this might be easier with some sort of Tincan setup as that shouldn't/wouldnt/might not need a login.

It may be easier if you use an LMS that already supports open badges or some sort of mashup like learndash.

Tom Kuhlmann

Articulate Online doesn't have badges as an option. If you are using the Articulate tools to build courses and want to use open badges, you have to do something as Phil mentioned or you can build some sort of page that holds the issuance trigger and embed that in the actual course.

I think you'll find better answers in the open badge community as they have expertise in that arena and I am sure that there are plenty of people in the education/training space who can probably speak more specifically to what they've done. Hope that helps.