Incorporating Storyline elements within Rise

Hi all,

I know that we can build elements in Storyline then add those elements to Rise, but I'm wondering how involved those Storyline elements can be... can you build a branching scenario or series of branching scenarios and incorporate them effectively in Rise, for example? And, if so, does anyone have an example they can share with me?

I'm trying to decide between Storyline and Rise for an upcoming project. For many reasons Rise seems like the way to go, but I'm fairly certain that we'll need to add a simulation/practice element/area to this course... which I feel might be better served by Storyline. Hence my question. Thanks!

- Dana

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Dana,

In simple terms, if you can build it in Storyline, you can incorporate it into Rise. What you basically do is to create your Storyline file, export it to Articulate Review and then "import" it into your Rise course as a Storyline block.

With regards to branching, depending on exactly what you want to do, there are ways of achieving this within Rise itself, without having to necessarily use Storyline elements. For example, if you simply want to reach a certain point in your Rise course and then give the user the opportunity to go in one of two or more directions, you can use the Button Stack block. Selecting a button can be used to jump the user to a new lesson and so, by placing the content of each branch in its own individual lesson, you have the ability to provide directed content dependent on the selected choice. You can then use a similar technique to bring all users back into common course content once their particular branch has been completed, if you wish to do so.

Elaine Cottam

Just picking up on this, if I have a course which has been created in Rise 360, but I want to create a quiz at the start of the course which will branch people into one of two directions, can I do that in Rise using Scenario, or do I have to build the quiz in Storyline, then import it into my Rise course.

How would the branching work? To explain further, what I'm looking at doing is:

  1. Learner starts with simple quiz which tests their understanding of the topic
  2. Based on the score they achieve, they either branch to a single module, with another quiz, or
  3. They branch to the full course with multiple modules because their knowledge is limited

Is it possible to do all of that in Rise, or do I need to use Storyline for the branching and is it then possible to link the branching into different Rise modules?

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Dana!

While Rise 360 doesn't have a pre-quiz feature to provide the learner with a custom learning path within a course, you could certainly begin your course with a quiz, like this pre-test example. 

Then, you can create branching in the following lessons by hiding the sidebar menu and using a button stack block.  Here's an example of a branching course that should get the ideas flowing!