Indents on Multiple Lines for Bulleted Text

Am I missing something? There seems to be no way to have multiple lines of bulleted text indent uniformly. (screenshot attached) 


It looks so sloppy to have that second line text starting out where the bullet is rather than in line with the text above. I even tried cheating this by using spaces, but of course this is not an option if your learners will be viewing content on differnet sized screens because of the responsive design. 

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Donald Kerns

You are NOT missing anything! SLOPPY is a good word for the Rise formatted bullets. See my comments earlier today at:

It appears to be a case of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Emperor's New Clothes" - users contact support and are told by Articulate staff that Rise actually has bulleted lists and even sub-bulleted lists (despite all the evidence that what actually appears is NOT a bulleted list).

It appears to be mostly an intentional CSS design issue by Articulate - who knows implemented by Articulate, the Rise formatted bullet is not a feature, but rather a BUG! And an embarrassment for all of us when we release Rise courses containing these ugly "bullets"!