Aug 02, 2017

I really like infographics.  In the material I'm doing, they make great lead-ins for the content upon which I am working.

The only problem in Rise, is that when you click on the centered image, it expands about 10%.  Nice but you still can't read any of the text and miss the whole idea portrayed by the graphic.

Would it help if I sent the image to my server, and then linked in via one of the multimedia blocks?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Which lesson or block type are you using your infographics with? 

What if you used a labelled graphic? You could see the whole piece and then use the markers to have a user open up a smaller portion of the image inserted into the marker (you'd need to create these - perhaps just a screen clipping tool would work)? 

Michael Fimian

Hi Ashley, how are you today?

I hadn't thought of going that route...  Am using the basic block with a central image inserted.  It appears small and illegible at the reduced size.  Pretty much the same when "zoomed" in. I was hoping that it would span the screen and be large enough to read.

I'll give your idea a try, however... Thanks!


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