Handling instructor notes in a Rise package

Hello, we are using Rise to deliver content in our virtual instructor-led  (ILT) classrooms.  The instructor shares the Rise package through a WebEx collaboration meeting (similar to a PowerPoint deck), but the students can also access the shared version on their local machines. I'm curious to know if anyone else out there uses Rise for this type of ILT sessions, and if so, how does the instructor handle "instructor notes?" For example, the instructors have answers to the activities and personal notes that they want to cover, but obviously they don't want to reveal those items to the students. Just curious to know if anyone has a workaround or recommendation?

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Aaron Toth

Here's an idea...Use the Articulate Review  feature to add comments to each section of the Rise presentation. You can review the notes and their corresponding screen image as a list. You can also export the notes as a PDF for out-of-presentation guidance. This approach wouldn't limit other review comments, either, because you can resolve comments, but leave presentation notes alone.

David Mohr

+1 to getting Rise to offer this feature. Rise could be a single tool for developing content for synchronous in person instructor-led training and for asynchronous online training without an instructor. However, for it to work for this first mode, some instructor notes capability would really help make it more viable.