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Tom Kuhlmann

Yes. Technically you can embed the Rise course into Google sites using the embed code. Just paste in the URL. Here's a screenshot of my test.

Currently, you can't insert a single lesson so the entire Rise course is available via that URL. In settings: turn off the sidebar and prev/next buttons. In the Rise course, go to the specific lesson and grab that URL. You can insert that and without the sidebar and buttons they can't navigate away.

Another option. Since you have Articulate 360, you could use Engage which is part of Studio 360. That will generate single labeled graphics interaction that you can publish, upload to a web server, and then insert into a Google Site.

Manisha Sachdev

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the quick response. I have a tight deadline and I have to figure this out by tomorrow evening.  Looks like Engage will serve the purpose as I will be able to generate a sinle labeled graphic interaction. I cannot locate "Engage" Can you please guide me how can I install that? Thanks a ton.