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I am currently developing an electronic User Guide in Rise and in Section 2 of the guide I cover System Operation. This section includes a list of topics in two columns, followed by nineteen separate blocks that cover each of the topics. What I would like to be able to do is to use the list of topics as an interactive contents list such that each topic provides a link to the appropriate block below it and takes the user directly to their topic of choice when it is clicked on in the list.

Although I am aware of how to create links to external URLs, I cannot find a way to develop internal links within a Rise course to enable me to achieve the desired outcome for my User Guide. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

If this is not currently possible, I would like to recommend it for a future upgrade as I believe it could prove a popular addition to Rise.

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Martin Maya

Yes please, I have been wanting to do this too, many times.

A bookmark feature that references all parts of the course would be great.

Please add me to the list of people to notify when this becomes available.

I note that Ned requested this over a year ago and it seems to have a lot of support. Please could you indicate if this is already on a development roadmap?

Trina Rimmer

Hi again, Ned. Thanks for clarifying your needs. What you're describing (a block anchor of sorts) isn't something Rise can currently do, however, I think that could be a really powerful feature. Would you mind sharing it with our team, directly with a feature request? I'm sure they'd love to hear from you with specifics on how this would improve your authoring experience in Rise.

Hi, any progress after a year? I thought of creating a user guide as well and would want to have a selection between iOS and Android but wasn't able to do that kind of simple selection. Able to expedite on this?

Internal Training

Keeping Rise simple isnt easy once this types of feature is enabled. It would also need a auto generated course map tree. The links relations can get really complicated really fast.
The compromise could be to have a third level in the menu on the right.

I personally think that we should strive to keep within the navigation limits that Rise currently has and adapt the course creation to those limitations. Keep it that simple or rethink the course content is my thinking. it is easy to want to build a lot of stuff in rise because it is that simple and fast to use.. but in doing so do we really think about the user learning experience?

Rise was never introduced as an Tech doc creation tool. Doesnt mean it could evolve to that as well.. I think a good strategy could be to be able to start a Rise project with a set of questions. Purpose, and audience at least. From that, the suitable set of tools would be made available.

To me, using Rise for a User documentation task is really stretching the "e-learning" concept to its limit. There are other applications specifically designed for creating great user guides. They also have support for DITA standards etc..None of which  is available in Rise.

I would personally like to see a deeper level of sophisticated teaching objects and more of them. I would like to see audio sync feature in various ways. and much more focus on the teaching aspect. Sophisticated learning games/exercises available in blocks for instance. A button to see map of the branching. My list on development features for Rise is long. As i am sure many of those multiple year users have as well. Anybody thought about how to change your branding? This is today not possible as more then one course at a time. It is an online course creation system yet i cant change all my companies courses branding in one click? Maturity level of rise in that aspect has a long way to go. I dont think it is because it cant be done, it is because Rise roadmap is young and is learning from users input.

If both worlds, user doc and E-learning were available i would like stated purpose of the project to guide what tools would be visible.

Early support for the new LMS standard is great!

Kim Gould

I want to start my rise course with an introductory interactive video where the character asks the student where they want to start, so the student gets to choose their own topic area by clicking on one of the options and being taken to that block. I want to be able to add the links to the continue button in the video. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Kim,

I am not aware of a way to achieve exactly what you are after here, but an option you could consider, if all else fails, is to have your introductory video end with words such as "From the options below . . . ." and then follow the Video block with a Button Stack block that links the user to each of the individual options, which would each be within their own lesson in your Rise course.