Involving external collaborators in Rise module editing: best workflow?


we are a language service provider. We receive Rise modules from our customers, we use our own account (the customer shares the module with our user), we translate them and we fix the layout and then redeliver them to the customer in the localized version.

We have the need also to involve external collaborators in the modules editing but we have never followed this workflow, which are the steps we should follow in this case?

Should we send our collaborators (having their own Rise account) a copy of the module OR should we share with them the module without creating a copy, using the Share button?

When collaborators deliver the fixed module to us, which steps should they follow for delivery? Please note that we would need their name not to appear in the module delivered to our customer (the module author visible on the customer side should still be our own and not the collaborator's one).

Please advice the best workflow and steps in Rise we should follow to:

- involve external collaborators in our own account modules for editing

- allow them to deliver the fixed modules back to our account after editing, with their user hidden

- redeliver to the customer the finalized module


thanks a lot



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