iOS share/back bar bug

Jan 15, 2018

Hey everyone,

As we distribute content, we noticed that when viewing a rise module on mobile, the iOS white share/back bar never disappears. We quickly found out that this bar tends to cover up the continue/next button that is at the very bottom of each module. Definitely makes people a little angry. 

On normal web pages this bar is not present unless you click that area of the screen. I'd pop this bug at the top of the list as for us, it makes at least one module in a series unusable.

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Trainer Massage

Agree James, l have found this too. Super annoying. The only way l have been able to get around it is by having to scroll back up to the top and click on the content list to then navigate to the next lesson/topic. Some times it works ok and the bottom is showing but other times it is hidden by the bar, no real logic as to when it will work and when it will not (as when l have gone out of that lesson when it hasn't worked and then gone back in it will sometimes work....?

We are already getting calls from users saying their is a problem with moving through the content on their mobile.

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