Is it possible to combine or use the prebuilt lesson types when creating a lesson using blocks.

Feb 21, 2017


I've still been exploring Rise and am developing a course in which I have mainly been using blocks.  However, I would really like to be able to use some of the pre-built lessons within a lesson--especially the Quiz element. I know you've recently added the knowledge testing block, which is helpful, but it would also be great to incorporate the pre-built quiz, sorting activity, and labeled graphic within a lesson created with blocks.  

I guess what I'd really like to see is all of those pre-built lessons become block options from which to choose.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Martin!

Glad to hear you'e checking out Rise and enjoying the Blocks feature. We agree that Blocks are the best thing since sliced bread. :)

So it sounds like you'd like to have some of the standalone lesson types also available within Blocks. That's an interesting idea! Can you tell us more about how you'd use those interactions within Blocks as opposed to separate lessons? 

Martin Evans


Thanks for responding to my question. The ways that I am envisioning using
the standalone lesson types within a lesson built with primarily with
blocks include: using the Quiz prebuilt less rather than the Knowledge
Testing block; using the sorting activity and the labeled graphic prebuilt

I'm working on developing a course for healthy eating and physical activity
that includes a lesson on the USDA's MyPlate guide for eating a balanced
meal. I have envisioned using the labeled graphic to discuss the different
areas of MyPlate, the sorting activity so that learners could select
different foods to make up a healthy meal according to MyPlate, and a final
quiz at the end with appropriate feedback. The knowledge testing block is
helpful for doing interim checks during the lesson, but doesn't allow for
the users to get a score.

In my opinion, it seems that many of the activities that involve
Interactions that are available as pre-built lessons should be included in
the Interaction section of the Building with Blocks design.

Any feedback or suggestions you can provide will be most appreciated!

Best regards,
Marty Evans

Alyssa Gomez

That makes sense, Martin! That sounds like a really cool concept for a course. Rise is evolving every day, and including the pre-built lesson types into Blocks a neat suggestion. I’m going to forward your thoughts to our product team so we can look into it for the future! 

And thanks for adding your voice here, Dawn! The more interest we see, the more we know how in-demand this feature is. :)

Laura Giacchino

I won't belabor the point and list all the different scenarios I  have that I wish I could use blocks and pre-built in the same lesson.  So I will just add my vote!!

The pre-built graphic lesson is really restrictive, it will not allow anything to be added after it..even another pre-built lesson.  I had to add a new 'lesson' just to have another screen layout which should be in the same lesson.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there folks!

The labeled graphic block type is up next for our team to work on! We’ve got a few other things that are currently in progress before that, but once we’re able to share an update on this we’ll let you know!

Mary--we're working on a Blocks Lesson template that would allow you to create sections that you could use in multiple locations. In the meantime, you'd want to look at finding the lesson that is the most comprehensive to copy and then delete the pieces you don't need. Take a look at this tutorial.

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