Is it possible to create standalone lessons in Rise?

We´re creating an e-learning platform that will contain dozens of courses. Since the topic we´re teaching about evolves on a regular basis, we anticipate we´ll need to be updating the content of our courses on an ongoing basis.

We´d like to use Articulate (Rise) for the course creation, and push them to LearnDash (our LMS).

Since the courses in Articulate are like a package which contains X number of lessons, we are trying to find a workaround that will allow us to prevent making those changes in every single course.

The idea was to have X number of courses, with lessons that we anticipate won´t need changes on a regular basis. And Y number of standalone lessons, that could be updated when needed. Then push them accordingly to LearnDash. 

When trying to do so in Articulate, it seems that you can only create lessons within courses. Is there an option to create standalone lessons? Does anything think of a better solution? Not sure if I´m missing something here...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sergio Lopez

Thanks for your response Alyssa! 

The content of the courses is around digital marketing, we´ll be having courses on Facebook, Google AdWords or Google Analytics.

Those platforms suffer updates on a regular basis (a few times per year). The lessons that contain theory or even exercises might not need many changes, my concern is around those lessons that are a bit more practical or that show the interface itself, some examples would be:

- Lessons that contain demos of the actual interface.
- Lessons that contain screenshots of the interface.
- Lessons that explain certain features that might get outdated or that don´t contain the new features that those platforms will be adding.

If, for instance, I need to update all those lessons within a course, export the file from Articulate and upload it again to the LMS and the file contains the same name... Would that do the trick of keeping the courses updated in the LMS while not losing the tracking history of those lessons/courses? 

Or since the course (even with the same name) is a new one, the lessons that were previously marked as completed, will now be marked as new lessons? If this is the case, then I might need to consider to split the courses into lessons that might get outdated vs lessons that might not.

Hope that makes more sense. Let me know if something is not clear enough.

Thanks again for your help!


Peter  Ryan



This is possible using grassbladeLRS and Grassblade LRS companion.

TANDI one of the sites I built, it delvers safety training that changes often with legislation.


They have dozens of courses with 1000s of users so we can not alter every course. All we do is alter 1 file and this in turn updates all user accounts globally.

Grassblade Xapi has a library and each file has a shortcode.

All I do is go into the  library delete the content only (not the file) and upload a new  Rise or Storyline 360 tincan xapi file. This is awesome as the name of the new course etc is irrelevant as the shortcode remains the same.

If you are running compliance training and your training may be used in court to confirm a competency then I recommend you keep the same activity ID as its easy to search for the statements in the LRS for documentary evidence (yep we have needed this a few times to prove how long a person was on this slide and what they answered).

I am not on here often so please PM or email me via the TANDI site.