Is it possible to save Rise files as Storyline files?


My client has a Rise presentation that needs to be translated into AR and HE. As those are RTL languages and Rise does not support those, we were thinking of converting the Rise presentation into a Storyline one, as Storyline seems to be able to support those languages (as fas as I know...)

Is there a way for us to convert the Rise files into Storyline? How would that be done?

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Thanks and kind regards,


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Elisa,

Unfortunately, since Storyline and Rise are two totally separate tools with different features and capabilities, there's no way to convert a course created in Rise to a Storyline course.

That being said, in Storyline there are tons of great Content Library templates that make building your course fast and easy. Then all you'll have left to do is copy and paste your content over.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

EW SDL International Plc

Thanks Allison,

In that case, could you confirm that, if we create our course in Storyline instead, it can be translated into RTL languages (such as Arabic or Hebrew) and the text and images will show accordingly?

Please let me know as this is very important. I would also like to know how this would work, please.

Thanks and kind regards,