Is it possible to Storyline interactions as content in Rise

Nov 10, 2016

Rise has some nice interactivity features, but it is not comparable with what is possible in Storyline. A nice feature would be to produce content in Rise and be able to use elaborated interactive slides produced in Storyline and put it into the Rise flow as an object.

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Kim Hofmann

I'm still waiting on this as well. I am working an intro course that I am trying to make as interactive and useful as possible. I'm using Rise since I don't have LMS. I want to be able to build in drag and drops, etc.
I have Articulate 360 so could use Storyline to develop the interactions, but I haven't been able to get them in Rise. Anyone have any suggestions?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kim and Digitech, 

Thanks for checking in on this feature! We are looking to have the Storyline Block for Rise released in the next month. 

Having said that, if you need to insert the Storyline content now, you can do so by publishing the course, uploading to a hosting location and linking within an iframe embed code like this: 

<iframe src="insert Storyline courseURL here"></iframe>

Keep in mind, that method will display the course but won't take advantage of Rise's responsive design for the Storyline elements. 


Kim, you also mentioned using Rise as you don't have an LMS. Rise is designed for light sharing using the "Share" link, and then you have the options to export for hosting on your LMS or web server. A really easy to use web server is Amazon S3 - take a look at the information here. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there John!

Are you referring to these two buttons on the Rise course main page?

While you can edit the text labels on those buttons, there isn't a way to switch the button order. 

One idea would be to put the course details into the first lesson of the course. Then, when learners click the Start button, they'll be taken directly to the details!

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