Is it possible to switch from a chapter to another not in the order of the Menu ?

is it possible for learner not to to follow the navigation Menu step by step ?
If the learner prefere to make first the 3rd section, instead of making the first section ?
I ask this question as my client ask that : to let the learner do the course in the order he prefer ?
I was wondering if this is possible or if i have to separate each sections as a separate course ?
thanks for your help !

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Karl Muller

Hi Karl,

Rise courses must be used within a LMS in order to save student bookmarking (where they are in the course) and their progress (what have they completed). When students return to a Rise course, they should restart at the beginning of the last Lesson they were busy with.

If you are not testing the course inside a LMS, the course will restart from the beginning each time.