Is it possible to turn off scoring screen following a quiz?

Sep 07, 2017


I'm needing to get feedback from participants following lessons that are being pilot tested for a course. I decided to use a quiz to ask survey questions (Likert rating scale). Is it possible to "turn off" the screen that appears after the last question is submitted?

There are no correct answers for the quiz, and therefore there is no need to score the quiz. It would be ideal if I could simply ask the participants questions without specifying a correct answer.

Finally, can I change the wording on the first screen, where it says, "Start quiz" to something else (e.g. Begin survey)?

If anyone else has suggestions for soliciting feedback rather than using the quiz method, I'd appreciate your input. I know that I could probably do this using an embedded Google Form, but I thought this might be an easier/quicker method.


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