Is there a way to move/copy blocks to other lessons or sections?


I got a bit carried away (having fun!) and was adding all my blocks to one lesson. I now want to move or copy some of the blocks to a separate lesson or section. Or can I duplicate an entire lesson (and delete the extra blocks)? Is there a way to easily do this that I'm missing? Thanks. j

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Sheela Desjardins

Hi, What happen if I want to move a block from a lesson, to another lesson ?? It seems that you found how to move a lesson from a section to another but not a block... Basically I want to move content from a lesson to another that is already created... Any clue?

Tks, sorry if it's written somewhere and I don't see it.


I have found the tutorial on how to duplicate a lesson or a course, but i was wondering if you could add a single block (like an interactive picture or something) to another lesson from within one course. Sometimes you decide that some information would work better at another part of your course, but now I have to manually copy my interactive picture. Can this be added to the requests for new Rise updates? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Manh! Check out my post above! Does that help you?

Block templates allow you to copy 1 or more blocks from one lesson to another. Simply create a new template, select the block(s) you want to copy, then import that template into another lesson. 

You can read more about the process in this article! Creating, Sharing, and Reusing Block Templates