Is there a way to not have ineraction activity answers in Rise reset when a user navigates to a different lesson?

Mar 19, 2018

I am building a training workbook where some lessons have either an interactive block of a Storyline 360 video, a knowledge check, or checklists and every time I navigate to away from the lesson, it clears all my previous answers. I'd like users to be able to return to a lesson and review the answers they already completed. Is this possible?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Maggie!  Rise will save your completion progress in a lesson and in the course, but it won't save the state of every block interaction or lesson type.

Your learners will return to where they left off in these lesson types:

  • Process
  • Sorting Activity
  • Video
  • Quiz

Also, the Continue block will register completion of the content above it.  That means learners do not have to complete it again when revisiting. 

I'm happy to submit a feature request for you, though, to have the state of those other interactions saved when learners switch between lessons!

Maggie Merino

Crystal, thank you for your reply! I would appreciate if you did submit the feature request for the other interactions to save when learners switch between lessons. That would be so helpful.

I do love that the Continue block will mark completion of each lesson, but it disables the free navigation feature.

I'd like to create a course for a specific System and add modular lessons within the course that the user can pick and choose lessons that they want and get credit only for those lessons they completed without having to complete previous lessons. Is this possible to do without having to create them into separate courses? (i.e., if I was creating a course on Microsoft Office and the lessons within the course could be Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, etc.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maggie,

The Continue block actually requires that a user click on or interact with all the items in each lesson, but it doesn't override the sidebar navigation settings. Take a look at a quick Peek I recorded - this sample course has a continue block in my first lesson, but I'm able to navigate to the other lessons using the sidebar navigation. 

Take a look at that and let me know if that works for your set up! 

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